Some suggestions (desperate please, even)

by Jiro1 min read9th Nov 20175 comments


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  • A way to see all replies to your own comments or posts
  • Setting defaults for sorting rather than having to manually sort by recent every time
  • Put the see all comments link in a reasonably easy to find place
  • "All posts" which actually shows all posts without requiring that the user separately click on each one in order to read it
  • If you can't eliminate the huge gutter space, at least provide an option to reduce it
  • A way to edit the raw text of a post. It is hard to struggle with a malicious parser. When I typed "expand(underscore)less", "expand(underscore)more" below using real underscores, the parser decided I want to italicize everything between the two underscores.
  • Maybe a bugzilla to report bugs? Reporting bugs here or on intercom is suboptimal.
  • Edit: I tried to submit this post and it didn't appear. If your post is being held it should tell you that your post is being held because otherwise this is hard to distinguish from a malfunction. Also, when you submit your post it doesn't say where it's submitted to--I meant to submit this to Meta.

Also, I'm still having trouble reading this. It's only working on Chrome. Firefox has formatting problems; certain icons (search, "expand(underscore)less", "expand(underscore)more", "navigate(underscore)before", "navigate(underscore)next") show up as text instead of as icons. IE looks good but doesn't show the conversations icon and doesn't do anything if I click "LOGIN".

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Something I noticed just now:

  • "All Posts" doesn't include Meta. It should be named something which indicates this instead of falsely implying that it shows all posts.

Super-superficial note: I think you mean "pleas" rather than "please" in the title. (I was confused for several seconds by this.)

Firefox under Linux at home also doesn't show the conversations icon or do anything if I click "login". I knoiw that no cookies are disabled on this. I have to use Chromium in order to get it to work.

Maybe a bugzilla to report bugs? Reporting bugs here or on intercom is suboptimal.

We have a Github:

Adding to the Markdown parsing comment: if we're going to type in Markdown anyway instead of having a proper WYSIWYG editor (make no mistake; I prefer the former!) (Although I see that highlighting text causes a WYSIWYG panel to open up, which I think is excellent), I think it makes sense to separate the raw input from the formatting. I would prefer a system such as Reddit or Stack Exchange have, where the text-box shows the raw Markdown, and the resultant formatted text is displayed elsewhere for review. Combining the two into one area makes fine editing more difficult.

I'm inclined to believe that this would also go some way toward fixing Jiro's underscore issue, since "[struggling] with a malicious parser" is somewhat easier when you have easy access to the parser's input and output. It might not help as much as I think, though, and it would indeed be easier not to have to struggle. (Jiro, as a workaround I would recommend surrounding the offending text with backticks, e.g. `expand_less`.