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Welcome to Less Wrong! (2012)

Welcome! Glad to have you join us!

The Intelligent Social Web

(Note: I found this comment helpful in thinking about LessWrong, though don't have much to say in response)

The Adventure: a new Utopia story

We reset the date on posts when you move them to drafts and then back again. This likely happened here.

Jan Bloch's Impossible War

I can set it up for you, it's all done via RSS, so no action from your side necessary. 

I will set it up for all of your posts for now, but feel free to just tell me a tag that you want to apply instead, and then I can switch it towards that.

Jan Bloch's Impossible War

This post is great! Would you be up for us setting up automatic crossposting of your posts? We can also make it dependent on a tag you apply to your posts (Scott from SSC uses the "LW" tag to crosspost). 

You Only Live Twice

It's still a few months, though I am curious about the answer.

Writeup: Progress on AI Safety via Debate

You have an entire copy of the post in the commenting guidelines, fyi :)

Oops, sorry. My bad. Fixed.

What Money Cannot Buy

Edit note: Cleaned up your formatting a bunch.

Raemon's Scratchpad

I do also think that in addition to that, people also just vote less. If I remember correctly, number of people voting in a given week is about 60% of what it was at the peak, but total number of votes per week is closer to 35% or something like that. There are also a bunch less comments, so you likely get some quadratic effects that at least partially explain this. 

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