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Concepts in formal epistemology


Why did no LessWrong discourse on gain of function research develop in 2013/2014?

I feel like this just happened? There was a good amount of articles written about this, see for example this article by the Global Priorities Project on GoF research: 


I also remember a number of other articles by people working on biorisk, but would have to dig them up. But overall I had a sense there was both a bunch of funding and a bunch of advocacy and a bunch of research on this topic.

Open and Welcome Thread – June 2021

Having someone else proofread it, or just generally give style feedback, is often quite valuable. You can post in the Open Thread with a link to a Google Doc, or you can ping me on Intercom, and I can take a look and suggest any obvious improvements that stand out.

Also, there is value to independently posting a link to your essay via other non-LW channels. E.g. sharing it on Facebook or Discord or wherever you might find others interested in it.

Are bread crusts healthier?

I am from germany, and I don't really agree with this assessment of the crust being the tastiest part. People definitely told me that many times, but I think it does just seem straightforwardly wrong by my own taste. I do still usually eat the crust though.

[AN #152]: How we’ve overestimated few-shot learning capabilities

The newsletter is back! I missed these! Glad to have these back.

Open and Welcome Thread – June 2021

There is a private FB event I am invited to and I can invite you to. I don't think we're friends on FB, so if you have FB, you can add me, and then I can invite you: https://www.facebook.com/oliver.habryka/ 

Rogue AGI Embodies Valuable Intellectual Property

Promoted to curated: I've had a number of disagreements with a perspective on AI that generates arguments like the above, which takes something like "ownership of material resources" as a really fundamental unit of analysis, and I feel like this post has both helped me get a better grasp on that paradigm of thinking, and also helped me get a bit of a better sense of what feels off to me, and I have a feeling this post will be useful in bridging that gap eventually. 

The dumbest kid in the world (joke)

It's a bit janky, but I've gotten it to work by selecting the text between the two vote symbols. Definitely not as accessible as I would like though.

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