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Concepts in formal epistemology


The Book of HPMOR Fanfics

Wow, that was indeed hilarious. Someone should make a top-level post with excerpts of it (but to make sure to avoid spoilers).

Why those who care about catastrophic and existential risk should care about autonomous weapons

your critique is really about the government(s) failing to update and revise the policy, not with the enactment of original policy.

This feels like a really weird statement to me. It is highly predictably that as soon as a law is in place, that there is an incentive to use it for rent-seeking, and that abolishing a policy is reliably much harder than enacting a new policy. When putting in place legislation, the effects of your actions that I will hold you responsible for of course include the highly predictably problems that will occur when your legislation will not have been updated and revised in a long time. That's one of the biggest limitations of legislation as a tool for solving problems!

Embedded Interactive Predictions on LessWrong

Have you read https://ought.org/updates/2020-11-09-forecasting? The content of that post felt more directly relevant to this integration.

Embedded Interactive Predictions on LessWrong

Alas, not currently. It's the very next obvious thing to do, but I haven't gotten around to it.

Embedded Interactive Predictions on LessWrong

Sorry, my bad. Accidentally made the option admin-only. Will be fixed within the next two hours.

Embedded Interactive Predictions on LessWrong

You actually can since last evening! In your user settings you should have: 

Rationalists from the UK -- what are your thoughts on Dominic Cummings?

(That link just goes to the Google Books page for "The AI Does Not Hate You". Based on the query parameters there is something else you probably wanted to link to, but at least for me it isn't working.)

AGI Predictions

Yeah, we had to make some tradeoffs because I really wanted them to fit into a small space, and also to never resize when you interact with them, while also not dominating any post in which they are in. Not sure whether we hit the perfect balance of the tradeoffs.

AGI Predictions

This is intentional. The question text shares space with the list of users and their respective predictions. On mobile, this means when you tap on a section, you see the users who voted in the corresponding range, until you tap away.

Embedded Interactive Predictions on LessWrong

Elicit has some ways of resolving questions, but LW doesn't currently display that in any way. Though we will probably add that functionality if people like the feature.

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