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Do you know of any videos on this? Ideally while the person is narrating their thoughts out loud.

Has LessWrong been a good early alarm bell for the pandemic?

Sadly Google Docs really doesn't like being hosted on external websites, so I would try to upload them somewhere else (imgur works well for me).

Taking Initial Viral Load Seriously

See this for some commentary on that study (and others)

Has LessWrong been a good early alarm bell for the pandemic?

You are missing a few posts that were posted earlier than February 20th. Here are some that I could find: 

February 11th by Jim: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/h4GFHbhxE2pfiadhi/will-ncov-survivors-suffer-lasting-disability-at-a-high-rate

February 5th by willbradshaw: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/ztDYsD4v7AaAbWEDM/some-quick-notes-on-hand-hygiene

January 29th on the EA Forum: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/g2F5BBfhTNESR5PJJ/concerning-the-recent-2019-novel-coronavirus-outbreak 

I am pretty confident there were also some more comments that were earlier than Feb 20th, but I can't easily find them right now.

I also would be somewhat hesitant about saying that the markets crashed on February 20th. The market continued crashing for quite a while, and this is when Wei Dai wrote some comments about his investment strategy, which, if you had followed it at that point would have still made you a good amount of money.

Has LessWrong been a good early alarm bell for the pandemic?

However, I think your image for the S&P 500 is the wrong image. Will replace it with the right one.

Peter's COVID Consolidated Brief for 2 April

Or an error in the editorial process that for some reason people are doubling down on. I do think that's a serious option.

Peter's COVID Consolidated Brief for 2 April

I think this is wrong. I've heard of multiple people who have reached out to the authors and illustrators for the article, who have said that the data is indeed correct, but wasn't published in the survey. Here is the relevant tweet response: 


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