Edinburgh LW Meetup Saturday April 30th

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The second Edinburgh LW meetup.

The first one was 2 weeks ago. It was fun. Do join us!

Date/time: Saturday 30th of April at 2:00pm.

Place: A pub called the Auld Hoose. I would be holding a sign with "Less Wrong" written on it.

Rough agenda: We will discuss akrasia. We will state our projects and discuss how we intend to keep track of their progress and how we can stay on track. We will also discuss anything else! Feel free to suggest additional topics so that we can coordinate on some preparation to ensure a smoother more enjoyable discussion.

Please RSVP here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=183616241685780

See you there!

EDIT: I would like to thank the attendees of the first meetup for their very enjoyable company. You made the meetup a success. Now let's do it again!

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OK. So as we have agreed, we will discuss our mini-presentations for next week's (yes it's weekly now) meetup here.

Mine is simple, it will be a summary on Schelling's The Strategy of Conflict :)

What's yours?

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I've been trying to learn a computer program, ACL2, which is a kind of theorem prover, but I've dropped back to reading the logic text, Shoenfield, recommended in the program documentation. Eek! But I think I've finally got the distinction between syntax and semantics and will offer a simple example of the difference.