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Hey, moderator here. Thanks for checking. Generally we have a very high bar for people coming from elsewhere suggesting their resources (especially if donations). We'd want there to be a really strong case that it's quite relevant (not just in terms of content, but also manner of discussion). I would be surprised if your resource met it (because LW is quite particular), but if you link me to it I can take a look.

Dear community, I am looking to share a donation-based online resource that I think will be very beneficial to this community, but I don't want to come across as spamming. I am curious how I can go about this respectfully? Thank you! 

The resource focusses on the following topics, in a Buddhist context:

  • Building a career and making major life decisions in the face of the climate crisis and social and political instability
  • The ethics of participation (or non-participation) in contemporary society
  • Radical generosity, dana, gift economics, and mutual support
  • Listening to one’s heart versus “being pragmatic”

Again, apologies if this is the wrong place to post, thanks again.

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