Discussion article for the meetup : Urbana-Champaign: Nomic

WHEN: 19 January 2014 02:00:00PM (-0600)

WHERE: 40.109545,-88.227318

Ever played Nomic? Neither have I. But I am curious to see what LessWrongers will make of it.

Coordinates are: 40.109545,-88.227318 Meetup will be held in the the Courtyard Cafe in the Illini Union, on the ground floor, at 2PM.

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Discussion article for the meetup : Urbana-Champaign: Nomic

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I am geographically distant from your meetup, but have joined several Nomics across time and greatly enjoyed them. I would be highly interested in an online LWers-Nomic and could probably be persuaded to do the organizational work, if there was sufficient interest.

Me and one other person are interested, if we don't have to do the organizational work.

I have a wiki set up here. We might want to go over the rules before starting, to check for anything obviously broken for the wiki-based format. Then again, breaking things can be fun.

I think I can get a pre-existing codebase from a previous nomic I played in, or if I can't get that running, a wiki backed up by IRC or similar is a solid fallback. I'll look into it and get back to you.