Today's post, The Cartoon Guide to Löb's Theorem was originally published on 17 August 2008. A summary (taken from the LW wiki):

An explanation, using cartoons, of Lob's theorem.

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This post is part of the Rerunning the Sequences series, where we'll be going through Eliezer Yudkowsky's old posts in order so that people who are interested can (re-)read and discuss them. The previous post was When Anthropomorphism Became Stupid, and you can use the sequence_reruns tag or rss feed to follow the rest of the series.

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I've always thought that the cartoon guide is really good up to the last page, and then the steps of the proof are just unexplained symbols.

MinibearRex normally does the sequence rerun posts, but we haven't had on for the last few days, so I did it. I won't be able to do one tomorrow though, so someone else needs to do it.


I can do the sequence rerun post tomorrow, assuming no one takes care of it before me. (I plan to have it up at or before 10 am EDT.)

Edit: MinibearRex posted a sequence rerun today, but it was the same as this one. Not sure whether to still post one, or just let it be.

My apologies. I had to make an unexpected trip and wasn't able to post the reruns for several days. When I got back, I didn't bother checking whether anyone else had posted one. Reruns should resume as usual now.