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40 to 60% [of patients in a sample who hadn't yet been exposed to the novel coronavirus] had CD4+ cells that already respond to the new coronavirus. This doesn’t mean that people have already been exposed to it per se, of course – immune crossreactivity is very much a thing, and it would appear that many people have already raised a response to other antigens that could be partially protective against this new virus.

My understanding is that a lot of coronaviri just cause "the common cold".

I'd happily take a few weeks of cold symptoms if there was a 10% chance it might confer some protection. Probably even a 1% chance.

A little bit of previous discussion here mentions the possibility of immune enhanced infections..

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Last I heard, we still don't even know how much or what kind of protection an active immune response would afford against COVID-19, or for how long. But I fully agree that a cold would be an acceptable cost for protection against community spread if it turns out to work that way.

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