For any New Zealanders out there, there is a tentative meet up at the Messe bar at 2pm on the 28th of November (Saturday). Just in case you are shy, there will be at least two people there!

Write a comment and/or please contact me on my cell: 021 039 8554, if you are interested in coming.


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A turn out of 3 including myself, which is quite a success for a small place such as Auckland. We agreed that in mid December we should meet again. So for anyone who considered coming but did not, please come next time!; these meet-ups are excellent motivators for studying rationality.

I'm interested in future Auckland meet ups :)

This thread is over a year old, so people from the meetup group may not notice your comment. I recommend you contact the organizer, by private message or replying to one of his comments. If nothing comes of that, you should try organizing a meetup yourself, just write a post announcing a time and place and say you will be there.

Yeah I realise its a year old, but its also the first thread that shows up when searching for "Auckland" so it seems reasonable that it may get the occasional traffic ;). Also, its my understanding that the OP would have gotten a notification that I commented on this post.

I noticed. I'll be setting up a new meet up soon due to someone else requesting it. Auckland is positively on fire with rationality it seems! bring water buckets.

You are doing computer science now? that's most interesting. Are you taking any stage 1 compsci papers this semester?

Not this semester, as I didn't decide what I was going to do until a month in ;) I'll be doing compsci 101 next semester though.

Most interesting! I would also recommend CompSci 111 even if you are skilled with computers. It introduces you to a wide range of skills.

You might even bump into me in the corridor.

Oh yeah I did that last year ;)

Also, its my understanding that the OP would have gotten a notification that I commented on this post.

You get a notification for replies to comments, but not for comments on posts.

Oh thanks for clearing that up

Which, I might add, is really annoying. (Fortunately I have a section in Google Reader for rationalist stuff and I just add all the potentially interesting pages there.)

I would be there, but I'm not back in NZ until 16th December! Everyone else should definitely go.