Criticisms of CEV (request for links)

Ben's cut-down version;

Roko's related ideas;

I've criticised CEV from several directions. It seems technically and politically infeasible to me. The CEV documents mostly read like wishlists for those seeking funding from some kind of benevolent communist government, whose leader is into science fiction.

However, I haven't collected my thoughts on the topic together in one place. I figure I should probably save my energy in this area, until there is something less out-of-date, and more concrete to consider.

The link to 'Roko's related ideas' goes to a document which has the same content as Nick Tarleton's (CEV paper)[], with a different title and no author attribution.

Criticisms of CEV (request for links)

by Kevin 1 min read16th Nov 201029 comments


I know Wei Dai has criticized CEV as a construct, I believe offering the alternative of rigorously specifying volition *before* making an AI. I couldn't find these posts/comments via a search, can anyone link me? Thanks.

There may be related top-level posts, but there is a good chance that what I am specifically thinking of was a comment-level conversation between Wei Dai and Vladimir Nesov.

Also feel free to use this thread to criticize CEV and to talk about other possible systems of volition.