Group Bragging Thread (May 2015)

by Viliam 1 min read29th May 2015No comments


This is similar to the usual bragging threads, with one major exception: this thread is for groups, not individuals.

Please comment on this thread explaining awesome things that you have done with your fellow rationalists as a group. The lower bound on group size is three people.

Otherwise the rules are analogical: be as blatantly proud of your group as you feel, consider your group the coolest freaking group ever because of that awesome thing you're dying to tell everyone about. This is the place to do just that. - No work in progress, no proposals, only the awesome things you have already done.

And because this is the first such thread, feel free to write about anything that happened since the extinction of dinosars until the end of May 2015.


(Yes, organizing Less Wrong meetups is a valid example of an activity that belongs here, if at least three people participated. Please try to include more details than merely "we organized a LW meetup in <city_name>".)