Meetup : London 2014 Protospective

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Discussion article for the meetup : London 2014 Protospective

WHEN: 05 January 2014 02:00:00PM (+0000)

WHERE: The Shakespeare's Head, Holborn, London WC2B 6BG

The first London meetup of 2014, and we'll be having the unstructured (read "probably imaginary") discussion topic of the year ahead. We can speculate wildly about significant events in 2014, talk about short- to mid-term goals, or propose novel resolution commitment strategies.

Alternatively, we can sit around and pleasantly chew over the usual Less Wrong related subjects, which works pretty well for us. If you're in or around London and haven't come to a meetup before, why not start in 2014? We're a friendly bunch, and this meetup session won't be all that involved or taxing.

The venue is The Shakespeare's Head, which is very easy to get to. Exit Holborn tube station and turn left. It's less than a hundred metres on your left. We'll have a Less Wrong / paperclip sign somewhere on the table. Any problems finding it, or locating the group in the pub, ring 07887 718458 and we'll send someone to find you..

Discussion article for the meetup : London 2014 Protospective