to follow up my philantropic pledge from 2020, i've updated my philanthropy page with 2022 results.

in 2022 i made $23M worth of endpoint grants ($22.9M after various admin costs), exceeding my commitment of $19.9M (20k times $993.64 — the minimum price of ETH in 2022).

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Thanks for making so much possible. The normal average billionaires don't have a clue what they're missing out on.

I was just curious, what's your favorite rationality technique resource/subfield, similar to Yud's Sequences or the CFAR handbook, but similar in value as those two? I really liked Raemon's recent recommendation of cognitive strategy tuning. The safety is currently in doubt, it might tear down some important schelling fences inside the brain, but if it works, then it could end up being human intelligence amplification.

interesting, i have in my reading queue for a few years now -- i take your comment as an upvote!

myself i swear by FDT (somewhat abstract, sure, but seems to work well) and freestyle dancing (the opposite of abstract, but also seems to work well). also coding (eg, just spent several days using pandas to combine and clean up my philanthropy data) -- code grounds one in reality.