On knowing the Future

by Лu Лinveгa 1 min read29th Jul 20183 comments


Across peaks of inspired productive days, I get lost inbetween valleys of foggy unfocused wandering.

Some years ago, I begin recording the daily fluctuations of concrete output and work hours, which unsurprisingly maps to the Hand-Eye Dilemma that one would find in the creative rhythms of artists.

I find myself doing design, when a developer, and programming when I should be designing. Atop the creative rhythms, the daily logs reveal a form of stamina that I use to allocate blocks of time to any one task, knowing when the stamina runs out and by when the task must be completed.

Years passed, and each morning, I am told what I should do, that which is most likely to yield the most concrete output per work hour, based on previous patterns of productivity.

It is not optimizing toward longer work hours, but to help me navigate these peaks & valleys by assigning me a task most likely to convert to the optimal amount of concrete work per focus hour.

I sometimes wonder weather it has helped me reach optimal productivity, or has kept me from getting there.