What is hplusroadmap?

We are a group chat, started 15 years ago, focusing on transhumanism, writing code, and hacking on biology. We do mad science. We build. We also have some funding available for sufficiently interesting projects.

Read more background here: https://diyhpl.us/wiki/hplusroadmap

We have some other items on the wiki, like the internet's largest collection of potential human genetic modifications: https://diyhpl.us/wiki/genetic-modifications/


Things we tend to focus around:

  • do-it-yourself biology, genetic engineering, gene therapy, biohacking, synthetic biology
  • cryonics
  • molecular nanotechnology
  • DNA synthesis machine development
  • brain emulation, brain uploading, computational neuroscience
  • nootropics
  • molecular biology, polymerase, enzyme engineering, protein engineering, fusion proteins, directed evolution, gene-editing
  • open-source hardware development
  • self-replicating machines
  • robots, mechanical automation, machining, electronics
  • space colonization, habitats, mining, communication, transportation
  • nutrition, bodybuilding
  • computer architecture, supercomputing
  • open-source software development
  • transhumanism
  • life extension, anti-aging, longevity research
  • cryptography, bitcoin technology development
  • artificial general intelligence, software AI
  • breeding and selection projects

Who might be interested?

Anyone who wants to build the future by contributing to cool projects, proposing new projects, and sorting through the enormity of technologies now available.

Now on Discord

Today I am announcing the availability of a Discord bridge for hplusroadmap: https://twitter.com/kanzure/status/1615359557408260096

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Have you considered the possibility of this initiative creating x-risk?