Possible interest in Louisiana Meetup?

by Baisius1 min read5th Nov 20142 comments


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Is there any interest in an (ideally northern) LA meetup? I live in Natchitoches, which would probably not be an ideal location (unless there are people coming from both Shreveport and Alexandria). I know of at least one reader in Baton Rouge; is there anyone else out there?

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It is not too unlikely that I will wind up in Ruston for a large portion of next year (but I am so bloody confused about so many things that it's up in the air). I have no idea what part of the state Ruston is in, or if I'd have the opportunity to make a meetup, but if I'm there and have the chance, I'd be up for it.

Ruston is in northern Louisiana, about an hour from Shreveport and an hour and a half from Natchitoches.