Human condition sunk fallacy

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Sunk fallacy of the hobbyist. Meeting many people and the human condition that makes us invest our times.

The solution is to develop new alarms. This can be a tricky business, because while the alarms that prevent you from overspending are so basic that they may even be in our DNA, the ones that prevent you from making bad investments have to be learned, and are sometimes fairly counterintuitive.

A few days ago I realized something surprising: the situation with time is much the same as with money. The most dangerous way to lose time is not to spend it having fun, but to spend it doing fake work. Essay by PG

I hear many AI researchers who have as intrinsic motive (not OpenAi or other AI safety researcher but for those who do it for the money) behind their work to obtain immortality. I wouldn't find the job of researching and reading papers. The abstract, check the date, undergrads who wrote this s.. But you sure have to make a very great investment to get this much return. So it better be a good one.

The hobbyist and obsessive (among with the religious) already invested far too much time and it is far too late for that to be changed. You forgot to say zoopsie. Before this gets philosophical on this essay with the main problem behind nihilism and subsequent thought on it. You will see everywhere the sunk fallacy of people dealing with emptiness through entertainment, food addiction, Netflix and porn. If it's fun it is not a bad investment.

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