We’re running a workshop (20 – 24 March) in Oxford with three goals.

  1. Go in with only a vague idea; come out with a drafted academic essay that you could eventually publish.
  2. Build tacit knowledge about the research/doing-good-things sphere.
  3. Meet other people in that sphere, for peers and mentoring.


We encourage you to apply if you think those goals seem useful or entertaining and if you fit the below criteria.

  1. You’re between 18 and 25[1],
  2. Interested in research or writing,
  3. Have ideas (even vague or bare-bones ones) that, if taken seriously, might make the world better, and
  4. Are available between 20 – 24 March.


We welcome applications from people interested in all academic disciplines, from maths and computer science to politics and literature, from physics and psychology to economics and philosophy. 

Please apply using this (~10-minute) application form. In some cases, we might schedule follow-up interviews. Final decisions will be communicated to all applicants by 1 March.



The workshop is in Oxford, 20 – 24 March: the days directly following EAGxCambridge. The workshop is free, including room and food, and we will cover reasonable travel expenses within the UK. We may cover travel expenses from elsewhere. Please reach out if you have questions about travel or funding (or anything else).


Who are we?

The workshop is being run by Flourish—formerly known as the EA Student Journal Project. We’re a relatively new organisation aiming to give prosocial, agentic students mentors, peers, and tools to succeed in academia and independent research. Again, if you have any questions, please do reach out!


  1. ^

    This criterion might miss out on some people we'd want; apply if you fit this vibe.

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