For those in the California bay area, I thought I'd post some details about the upcoming Foresight conference.

25th Anniversary Conference Celebration and Reunion Weekend
Google HQ in Mountain View, CA
June 25-26 2011

Speakers and panelists include: 
• WILLIAM ANDREGG - Founder/CEO of Halcyon Molecular
• MIKE GARNER, PhD - Chair of ITRS Emerging Research Materials
• MIKE NELSON - CTO of NanoInk
• LUKE NOSEK - CoFounder of Paypal, Founders Fund
• Keynote: BARNEY PELL, PhD - 
Cofounder/CTO of Moon Express
• PAUL SAFFO, PhD - Wired, NYT-published strategist & forecaster
• SIR FRASER STODDART, PhD - Knighted for creation of molecular "switches" and a new field of nanochemistry
• THOMAS THEIS, PhD - IBM's Director of Physical Sciences
• Keynote: JIM VON EHR - Founder/President of Zyvex, the world's first successful molecular nanotech company

For the full speaker roster, as well as information on the 25th Anniversary Banquet, see the conference website: 

Space is limited! 

For $50 off, our supporters can register with the discount code: SIAI

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Since you didn't mention the price, I'll do that here:

$300 per ticket, meaning $250 after applying the discount code.