What are you working on?

I've made progress in two areas:

  • An intermediate goal of accumulating money & power
  • A primary goal of dating successfully

I situated myself as the lead for my company's sexy new product. On Tuesday I led a well-received demonstration to a potential customer, and on Wednesday I told my boss that I wanted a new title with more pay. He's a much better negotiator than I am, but we're still talking, anyway. The details of the agreement we reach or don't reach will determine where I live and work in 2012.

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Do you mind expanding on what you mean by "social games"? Maybe give some examples etc.

What are you working on?

by jsalvatier 1 min read6th Oct 201197 comments


This is the fifth bimonthly What Are You Working On? thread. Previous threads are here. So here's the question:

What are you working on? 

Here are some guidelines:

  • Focus on projects that you have recently made progress on, not projects that you're thinking about doing but haven't started, those are for a different thread. 
  • Why this project and not others? Mention reasons why you're doing the project and/or why others should contribute to your project (if applicable).
  • Talk about your goals for the project.
  • Any kind of project is fair game: personal improvement, research project, art project, whatever.
  • Link to your work if it's linkable.