[Link] A rational response to the Paris attacks and ISIS

If you wish to discover whether I'm an academic historian, please Google me.

I am not interested in engaging further with you due to your ad hominem attacks on me.

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[Link] A rational response to the Paris attacks and ISIS

by Gleb_Tsipursky 1 min read23rd Nov 2015275 comments


Here's my op-ed that uses long-term orientation, probabilistic thinking, numeracy, consider the alternative, reaching our actual goals, avoiding intuitive emotional reactions and attention bias, and other rationality techniques to suggest more rational responses to the Paris attacks and the ISIS threat. It's published in the Sunday edition of The Plain Dealer​, a major newspaper (16th in the US). This is part of my broader project, Intentional Insights, of conveying rational thinking, including about politics, to a broad audience to raise the sanity waterline.