EffiSciences is a French organization committed to a more involved research to address the pressing problems of this century.

We are organizing bootcamps for French university students in AI safety. After teaching an intensive curriculum (PyTorch, ML, interpretability, transformers, conceptual AI safety), students start a research project. We also organize research group et seminars that end on research projects in top French universities.

We are looking for qualified mentors to supervise groups of 1-3 students on a technical or conceptual AI safety project. Supervision consists of a 1 or 2 hours session per week for about 3 months.

Our students come from the best French engineering schools and universities and will be familiar with the concept of the Alignment problem. We think that your contribution with this supervision would have a significant chance to create a new AI Safety researcher, as well as give you some experience in mentoring bright students.

If you have any doubts about your availability or skills, we still encourage you to apply using the following form. We will most likely contact you in any case.


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