Arbitrary Math Questions

by ryan_b 2y21st Nov 20172 comments


Purpose: This post is so I can record math-ish questions I have, which I want answers to, but don't merit their own post or pestering the community about directly. My expectation is they will mostly yield to a little research. If you have the answer or a relevant source, please feel free to mention.

  • Fixed-point theorems: mapping from a particular kind of set, onto a particular function, has a fixed point on that function.
    1. Is there a procedure for enumerating sets that map onto a function in this way, given just the function?
    2. If this function were a utility function, could we look at the sets we generated and test whether they are morphic with some other space we are concerned with: value space? mind space?
  • How is it exactly we account for things we value which are non-fungible? I am only aware of trying to set a some equivalent by looking at how much we are willing to sacrifice to preserve it, but this fails to capture the dimensionality of the problem. Is my true utility function actually the multiplication of n utility functions, each of one parameter?

Note : I will update this periodically, both to add new questions, mark answered questions, and to break out anything that turns particularly interesting.