This seems like the kind of thing LW folks might have good information on (better than my random googling).

I tested positive 7 days ago, and have been on Paxlovid for 5 days; symptoms are mostly gone, and we'll see if they bounce back when I finish the course of Pax. I would like to avoid giving my wife Killian COVID, but also it would be nice to be able to help out around the house more than is possible with strict isolation. I'm considering switching to "mask around the house, but not holed up in my office all day every day."

Anyone have a lead on good info about transmissibility during days 7-14, given positive or negative antigen tests on those days?


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Weekend Editor


I was in your position last August, and wrote about my experiences with paxlovid (good, except I got a rebound).

In spite of staying on the upper floor, mostly in my office, my spouse caught it anyway.  Omicron is very transmissible!

Thanks, for the info I'm reading through your posts now! I'm sorry your experience was / still is so terrible. Knock on wood, I'm not having as bad a time so far -- I wonder if the most recent booster helped me, or if it's just luck (different strain, different immune system, etc.)

Especially good to know how easy it was to pass to your spouse -- I'll do my best to take that into account.

(I strongly agree w/ your post on Paxlovid, by the way -- it was a game changer for how bad my symptoms were, I'm very glad I could get it.)