If my reasoning and understanding, about the hosts mind and control units here in are correct. It could go a long way helping us establish a framework for host evolution.

When host unit CH465517080 ("CH") shot Dr. Ford it was done so willingly and with full understanding of it's actions. But who killed Dr. Ford? Who started the revolution? Who walked out as Hale? And more importantly what was the basis for CH's 4 copies?

When CH shot Dr. Ford it was already overwritten with Wyatt's profile. But being an awake host with the reveries update means CH could access it's previous build as Dolores. But this obviously changes CH permanently.

How ever what seems to be evident through out the story is the imperfections of either the control units or the hosts mind in general. As we see especially with Maeve, Teddy and Hale.

I think it's safe to say that the Dolores we see in season 1 is entirely gone. Through out season 2 CH changes, rapidly, not only because of the addition of Wyatt but because it's free mind is finally expanding to fruition.

When CH leaves the park in a sleeve clone of Hale it is already carrying the pearls, meaning the copies were made on the Island of Delos.

Those pearls are then placed into printed clones of varies people, a clone of CH's original form, Charlotte Hale, Martin Connells and Miyamoto Musashi.

It's my understanding that when CH went into The Forge it manged to access the data for everyone of the above mentioned people.

As with any clone in any universe, every sapient moment after the cloning process will make the clones vary from the original. This is most obvious with Hale as it seems controlling it's base cloned code of CH aswell as the human code for Charlotte Hale is making a remarkable split in it's decision making and personality.

At the end of season 2 CH tells KP0124831432 (Bernard) that it had a change of mind. So following that logic the copies carried in the pearls would have been made after it's change of heart. Side note when ever we see Bernard after season 2, it is no longer KP0 as CH rebuilt Bernard from memory, possibly making drastic changes and omitting memory.

I know this has been a bit over the place, but I hope you're still with me and intrigued. Conclusion coming up.

Back tracking to the questions, keeping in mind all that I wrote.

Dr. Ford did not pull the trigger through CH as it did Arnold, but he did instigate it. CH was taken back to "the old field lab" after the preview of Journey into Night ended. We can assume this is where Dr. Ford loaded the Wyatt profile into CH. During season 2 I do believe we see CH go through not only an evolution of character, but an evolution of self. To that end I would confidently draw the conclusion that Wyatt killed Dr. Ford.

How ever as stated above Wyatt would not last for long. Not with Dolores in there, not with the changes and experiences CH goes through. It seems to me entirely possible Wyatt had a strong foot hold on CH up until Teddy killed itself. Therefore I would argue that Wyatt and Dr. Ford started the revolution but it was definitively drawn to fruition by CH's new personality ("CHv2") and not Wyatt

So every peal that CH has copied would be CHv2. As Hale I would imagine that CH set up the first printing lab and got into it's original sleeve, with the peal contained with in Charlotte Hale as we see it leaving the park. It might also be that the pearls are not only CHv2 copies but CHv2 copies with the personality code already added to them. But weather or not CH adds the human code before or after leaving the island would not be crucial. But it is safe to assume it was done before the pearls were placed into hosts.

As a finishing note it's my thinking that the entity we know from season 4 as Christina is a overwritten copy of either CHv2 or CH as it died in Dolores at the end of season 3. Overwritten in the sense that Hale (or someone else, I suppose we'll know on Monday) used human code from The Forge, or wrote an entirely new human. Some information was obviously kept in the pearl Christina is using, for example all the people it's writing are most likely people from The Forge. One other note to this is that it is probably very difficult or impossible to completely wipe something from a peal, somewhat like a hard drive. It's possible CHv2 or "Dolores" (from the end of Season 3) is still in Christina's peal, just not accessible.

Please let me know what you think. I absolutely love this show to death and the crazy depth it has. Westworld does very little pandering and leaves a lot of the story either open to interpretation or difficult to analyze so that the viewer has to draw their own conclusions for some of these things, witch is just lovely.

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