The Age, one of the most widely read Australian newspapers, has published an article on "the Singularity". Mostly features Jaan Tallinn, but SI gets a mention and a link. Comments section makes for interesting reading.

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Comments section makes for interesting reading.

No it doesn't; it is the standard cloud of thought-failure.

Well, perhaps I should have been more specific about what I found interesting. Remember, this is a mainstream news rag:

  • there are 103 comments as I write this. This is an exceptionally high number, few "The Age" articles attract such volume.
  • over half the comments are reasonably well thought out and relevant... not only a high number but an astonishingly high proportion, considering this is a mainstream publication and considering the usual standard of responses to The Age articles
  • of the "well thought out and relevant" comments, about 60% by my count support the idea of a technological singularity... again, a far higher proportion than I would have expected.

The conclusion I drew from reading (well... skimming, mostly) the comments is that the idea of a forthcoming technological singularity has far more penetration and support than I previously thought.

I think it's possible that some of the comments have come from people already interested in the singularity coming to the article having been linked to it from various places, as you have done.

But it's good to see some more people thinking it's possible, in any case.