A poll about what community norms should be in light of the nonlinear saga. Trying to be forward-looking rather than going back over events. Votes are anonymous (though given an alphanumeric string so all your votes are connected)

Consider in regard to what you want rationalist norms to be, if you want there to be any. 

Lots of the answers seem confusing (people saying don't know/skip) so you can add things to vote on here 


Results (I'll post an image in a bit):


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I tried it, but I disagree with some wording.

For example, "the risks Nonlinear took were not worth it" suggests that there is a linear scale from low risk to high risk, and the problem with Nonlinear was that they chose a wrong point on that scale, but from my perspective the problems were quite different. I can imagine an organization taking even more risks that I would be okay with. Basically, the difference is between taking a calculated risk, and just being careless.