This is a Google doc containing links to:

  • (all?) AI safety-related YouTube channels (intended to be comprehensive, at least for active channels with videos that seem worth sharing in an AI safety group)
  • some AI safety-related podcasts
  • some suggested videos, sorted into categories like "agent foundations," "individual researchers," "career planning," "rationality," etc
  • some discussion prompts for watching these videos in discussion groups (very few)
  • some resources and tips for running these discussion groups

Please comment with feedback and suggestions!

Also posted to the EA Forum.

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my post is somewhat out of date but may combine well; I'm not going to deeply compare the lists but there does seem to be a few I had that y'all don't, such as Mutual Information

as linked to from my list of stuff, also check out

Thanks, I hadn't seen these and they're really useful! I added both to the "lists" section.

I also just scanned through all of your capability trends channels and added (what seemed to me like) the best ones.