I’m trying to save you from a fate worse than death. Recently, the Wizards of the Coast released a new Magic the Gathering/LOTR crossover pack, and there is a chance in each collectors booster pack to draw a 1/1 unique “One Ring” card! 

But wait! Don’t have your will broken as I did by the Ring’s power! Instead, join me on my journey to find the Ring… and overcome it’s evil (of course) by participating in a prediction market, where you and others will be able to bet (with fake money) on whether or not I find the Ring! 

Plus, you can earn yourself a pat on the back for learning how prediction markets use "the wisdom of the crowds" to collect and forecast the consensus of probabilistic effects. As a great man once said, "A price is a signal wrapped up in an incentive"!

Sound good? See the link below for Manifold Markets, a prediction market platform where you can bet with your friends. 1st time users get 500 free manifold dollar to play with!

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