Help needed: German translation of the Singularity FAQ

by cadac 1 min read28th Oct 20116 comments


At lukeprog's suggestion, I translated the Singularity FAQ into German. Unfortunately, Tripitaka, who volunteered to proofread, doesn't seem to have read my messages. As the translation is far from perfect, I ask German-speaking users to help with finalizing the text. Also, I have no objections if you'd like to upvote this post (and the comments of anyone who participates) as a way of incentivizing this kind of work.

The whole text should be proofread at least once, but you could help a great deal just by going over the highlighted sections. It helps if you are knowledgeable on the subject. The document is on Google docs, editable by anyone. I have made a backup and I think you can revert changes Wikipedia-style, so edit away!

Here it is.

Side-by-side version (comment only, changes should be made in the other version).


Edit: Fixed links.