This post is part of my Hazardous Guide To Rationality. I don't expect this to be new or exciting to frequent LW people, and I would super appreciate comments and feedback in light of intents for the sequence, as outlined in the above link. Also, note this is a STRUCTURE post, again see the above link for what that means.

  • You brain is primarily designed for social reasoning, not reality reasoning.
    • Posts: face of the ice, of two minds,
    • Hansionian exploration of how our minds are structured to play politics.
    • Most people don't actually need to be that attuned to reality to get by and live an okay/great life.
    • Much of what people say is debate or arguing about the truth, is actually a coordination game where people are trying to make social outcomes happen by "logically trapping" others and "appealing to the reasonable person interface"
    • It is possible for YOU to be trying to achieve a social outcome, yet think you are just talking about your beliefs about reality.
  • Insert A Humans Guide to Words (but condensed)
    • There are a lot of English sentences that feel like questions you can ask about the world, that are just nonsense
    • It feels like words mean something, but they don't. It's people who mean things, and they happen to use words.
  • Given all that a lot of the people you will interact with won't have a deep understanding on all of the ways their natural manner of thinking can lead to nonsense, how might you go about communicating with people?
    • Double Crux
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