Worried that I might already be a post-rationalist. I'm very interested in minimizing miscommunication, and helping people through the uncanny valley of rationality. Feel free to pm me about either of those things.

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See this for the best example of rapid brainstorming, and the closest twitter has to long form content.

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I've been writing A LOT on twitter lately. It's been hella fun.

One thing that seems clear. Twitter threads are not the place to hash out deep disagreements start to finish. When you start multi threading, it gets chaotic real fast, and the character limit is a limiting force.

On the other side of things, it's feels great for gestating ideas, and getting lots of leads on interesting ideas.

1) Leads: It helps me increase my "known unknowns". There's a lot of topics, ideas, disciplines I see people making offhand comments about, and while it's rarely enough to piece together the whole idea, I often can pick up the type signature and know where the idea relates to other ideas I am familiar with. This is dope. Expand you anti-library

2): gestation: there's a limit to how much you can squeeze into a single tweet, but threading really helps to shotgun blast out ideas. It often ends up being less step-by-step carefully reasoned arg, and more lots of quasi-independent thoughts on the topic that you then connect. Also, I easily get 5x engagement on twitter, and other people throwing in their thoughts is really helpful.

I know Raemon and crew have mentioned trying to help with more gestation and development of ideas (without sacrificing overall rigor). post-rat-twitter / strangely-earnest-twitter feels like it's nailed the gestation part. Might be something to investigate.

A Cautionary Note on Unlocking the Emotional Brain

Thanks for sharing! ++ for "I tried the thing, this is how it went" post

Reality-Revealing and Reality-Masking Puzzles

It might be useful to know that I'm not that sold on a lot of singularity stuff, and the parts of rationality that have affected me the most are some of the more general thinking principles. "Look at the truth even if it hurts" / "Understanding tiny amounts of evo and evo psyche ideas" / "Here's 18 different biases, now you can tear down most people's arguments".

It was those ideas (a mix of the naive and sophisticated form of them) + my own idiosyncrasies that caused me a lot of trouble. So that's why I say "rationalist memes". I guess that if I bought more singularity stuff I might frame it as "weird but true ideas".

Reality-Revealing and Reality-Masking Puzzles

I found this a very useful post. It feels like a key piece in helping me think about CFAR, but also it sharpens my own sense of what stuff in "rationality" feels important to me. Namely "Helping people not have worse lives after interacting with rationalist memes"

"human connection" as collaborative epistemics
Bar the lone soul on a heroic dissent, I don't think most of us are able to keep meaningfully developing our worldview if there is no one to enthusiastically share our findings with.

Some version of this feels pretty important.

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So a thing Galois theory does is explain:

Why is there no formula for the roots of a fifth (or higher) degree polynomial equation in terms of the coefficients of the polynomial, using only the usual algebraic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and application of radicals (square roots, cube roots, etc)?

Which makes me wonder; would there be a formula if you used more machinery that normal stuff and radicals? What does "more than radicals" look like?

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I'm noticing an even more granular version of this. Things that I might do casually (reading some blog posts) have a significant effect on what's loaded into my mind the next day. Smaller than the week level, I'm noticing a 2-3 day cycle of "the thing that was most recently in my head" and how it effects the question of "If I could work on anything rn what would it be?"

This week on Tuesday I picked Wednesday as the day I was going to write a sketch. But because of something I was thinking before going to bed, on Wednesday my head was filled with thoughts on urbex. So I switched gears, and urbex thoughts ran their course through Wednesday, and on Thursday I was ready to actually write a sketch (comedy thoughts need to be loaded for that)

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I've been writing on twitter more lately. Sometimes when I'm trying to express and idea, to generate progress I'll think "What's the shortest sentence I can write that convinces me I know what I'm talking about?" This is different from "What's a simple but no simpler explanation for the reader?"

Starting a twitter thread and forcing several tweet sized chunk of ideas out are quite helpful for that. It helps get the concept clearer in my head, and then I have something out there and I can dwell on how I'd turn it into a consumable for others.

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