More of a Robin Hanson thing than a lesswrong thing, but these are sister blogs (sibling blogs?) and Robin's has no forum for discussion. 

Amused to learn a play had been written and staged with Eliezer Yudkowski in its title, I searched to find info on this.  The play is by Robert Saietta, who's name lead me to an interesting funding site, where I came across Utopia.  This is a movie project about uploading people to machines.  The trailer is gorgeous. 

The director has about 8 days left to fund it.  I am a deliberately inefficient giver (I view charity as me purchasing things for my own amusement) so I can't recommend you give to this, but it could turn out to be an efficient thing to support.  Irrespective of supporting the film, the website has the trailer available, and it is gorgeous. 

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