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WHEN: 17 March 2012 11:15:00AM (+0100)

WHERE: Museum of Natural Sciences Rue Vautier 29 B-1000 Brussels

The last meetup was a success and we'll make this one even better. If you couldn't make the previous meetup consider dropping by. (getting there:

Discussion article for the meetup : Brussels meetup

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I'll be there, my main objective will be to try to put my set of beliefs expressed in straight and eventually to discuss computer security and the popular decisions against it (w/ potential implication for mind uploading or whole brain emulation).

I am going to try to be there. I'll be traveling from Maastricht.

Edit: I decided not to go after all.

I am thinking about going, but don't know enough about what to expect of the event to make the journey from germany.

What exacly is the "programm" for the meetup, if any?

which languages will be spoken there?

What was the previous event like?

The previous meet-up was just getting to know everyone (4 persons attended, including me) We discussed our interests, what we were doing, how we found Less Wrong and even exchanged some interesting book titles. The entire meeting was done in English and lasted about 3 hours (we had lunch in the cafeteria)

During this meeting we will try and formulate some goals. What do we want to achieve with these meet-ups and how can we reach these goals? (I suspect step one will be teaching each other the rationality techniques we already know, but that's up to the group) I don't have a particular program in mind, we'll probably end up using the cafeteria again (you can sit there without paying for a museum ticket) unless someone knows another good place to talk nearby. Germany is quite a distance so it's really up to you.

Hi Karl,

There are actually very few of us able to attend regularly. I was thinking it might be worth organising a more intensive "full day" event with a bunch of activities planned (e.g. which we could each prepare a session for or something), and that might be worth your while coming to. In fact, if you tell us what kind of meetup would make it worth your while coming, I for one would try to make that happen. (I really want to meet more LWers). Please PM me or Axel your email and we'll include you on the mailing list.