Secular Therapy Project

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The purpose of the Secular Therapy Project is to help connect non-religious or secular persons who need mental health services with outstanding mental health professionals, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and others. Using our system is simple and requires very little information from you. Our goal is to protect your confidentiality until you find a therapist to correspond with or to work with.

What’s unique about the STP is that we aren’t just a database of therapists. Instead, we very carefully screen potential therapists who want to become part of the STP. We screen them to make sure that a) they are appropriately licensed in their state or country, b) that they are secular in nature as well as practice, and c) that they actually use evidence-based treatments, which have been shown to be effective at helping improve mental health problems in controlled clinical trials. This means not only will our therapists not try to preach to you or convert you, but that they are also using the most well-supported types of treatment to help you.

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