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Hi LessWrong, it is my first post here, and I'll be asking for help outright. In my local city I am willing to help with organization of Philosophy Festival. The concept is so and so that there will be 4 Platonic steps of knowledge, and one of them is going to be closely associated with technology and future of humanity, for which your obedient servant is responsible. The audience is going to be very broad, so many concepts obvious for our community would be if not completely unknown, then very vaguely realised by most of the those present. Edutainment is the key feature, people should not get tired of too technical stuff (it is philosophy event after all) and I see the output as a cocktail of talks, visual perfomances and engaging activities.

I am most likely willing to include:


  • talk on cognitive biases (mostly entertaining based on sequences, Kahneman&Tversky and Dan Ariely books) by me
  • talk on human augmentation (maybe presented by a member of biohacking community, however not very easy to find one in Russia so far)
  • talk on artificial intelligence by one of the professors of Technology Institute
  • quests on Oculus Rift
  • 3d video-mapping
  • MindFlex tournament
  • Portable planetarium
I would be delighted to hear your ideas, if you have any contacts of various experts in those fields who may be willing to participate or give a talk (this applies mainly, but not fully to Russian members, International guests are also very welcome, but it is a coinflip so far if we are going to find sponsors to afford expensive riders) please PM me or write your suggestions in comments

UPDATE: event is delayed and will be held at summer, your suggestions about any possible guests are welcome
Venue - St.Petersburg, Russia
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