The submission deadline for Foresight's Norm Hardy Prize for Usable Computer Security is fast approaching, i.e. the prize closes at midnight PT on September 30. 

The Norm Hardy Prize, sponsored by Agoric and Protocol Labs, is an annual award offering a $10,000 prize to recognize work that enhances usability within computer security. 

We are looking for submissions that:

  • Help users understand the security aspects of their actions, ideally in an intuitive manner.
  • Introduce workflows that make secure actions the easiest option.
  • Develop design principles for systems that are as, if not more, user-friendly because of their security.
  • Explore 'theory of mind’ with respect to how users interact with secure systems.

The long-term goal of this prize is to inspire and recognize work that make it easy for people to use secure systems securely. If your work aligns with these goals, I very much encourage you to apply. 

More information about the prize, as well as the submission process, can be found at

Please dm me if you have any questions or email

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