So far, only one of the less-wrong meet-ups that were discussed has been scheduled.  The Boston meet-up was scheduled for:

Carberry's at 74 Prospect St Cambridge, MA
(1.5 blocks northeast from the Central Square T station)
Sunday November 15th at 2pm

though it may move after an hour or two to the Clear Conscience Cafe a couple blocks away if things get too crowded. 

My cell number is (610) 213 2487 so you can contact me if there is a problem.

Regarding Philly, Florida and New Orleans there is still need for detail in the schedule.  I'm leaving New Orleans at 5:10 on the 14th so the 13th is probably better but I can do early on the 14th if people want.  There has been some interest in an event there but I would appreciate more interested people saying so and possibly contacting me via phone or email.  If several people are interested we will have a meet-up.  Just one or two and I can meet less formally.

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