TD;LR: Many scientific breakthroughs go unnoticed, just because the author doesn't have enough money to publish his discovery properly. Author paying for his contribution to humanity obviously isn't an effective economical game. This amounts to loss of most of the mankind's scientific research; sometimes key research, mis-publication of which blocks a big part of future science development. The solution proposed is to finish developing and put to use the author's Salaries Science cryptocurrency science funding project, because there should be no poor scientific projects, if we want science to function effectively.

The problem

In the author's own experience, we lost most of the science: Even one mispublication can lead to loss of >1/2 of future science, at least, with the existing publication system. That's what actually happened with my 2019 year discovery, ordered semigroup actions. Yes, it's quite ridiculous that this thing was discovered later than 1950. I believed "put it online under a free license and people will read it, and will join your research" stance. It's nothing like this: A bright scientific discovery and no publicity of it. I can't even publish it in peer review for reasons outlined in this article. I believe not without reasons that my ordered semicategory actions are as important as group theory. This, in my opinion, means that >1/2 of all the science depend on it to be done in an effective way. Scientific publication needs to be done in another way.

You probably know, that scientific publishing was eaten by several big publishers who are commercial organizations and don't put much effort into world welfare. Therefore, scientist must pay for an adequate publication of his/her work. Exactly this: We are asked to pay for doing a work. That's a wrong direction of money flow.

Scientific work (if not done in secret) usually has the power to benefit the entire world, not a single country. Why then, for example, the US and the EU pays only to their homeland scientists? They want to benefit only from homeland properties and not to benefit from the overseas? (It is well known that usually the profit from science is much above the expenses, such as scientist's salaries, so if the hypothetical representatives of the US and EU that oppose my position were referring that they don't want to invest into others' economies, that makes this argument void.)

You should know that not every scientist is paid anything for his/her work. This has a name associated with it, "amateur". This word means that some people have the right for salary and grants for their work and some don't. It is a lottery: If a scientist is too poor to publish properly, then the entire world loses. That happened with ordered semigroup actions and with many other worth discoveries.

The Solution

Above I told about the problem. What is a solution? I believe, the solution are blockchain-based scientific grants.

There exist crowdfunding cryptocurrency grants for blockchain software development and some related topics. I propose to improve them by adding two features:

  • Allocate a part of the donation to (directly or indirectly) cited research (or software dependencies). This makes the basic science get its worth part of the funds.
  • Have a mandatory affiliate program for grants. This needs to ensure that no discovery goes unmarketed.

Following these principles allows to create a flexible and decentralized scientific grants using international blockchain payments. Free society with free science. Without borders, racial and other such barriers.

Until recently, implementing the above strategy on a blockchain was too costly, because posting information to a blockchain has high associated cost (so called "gas" cost). But with advent of breakthrough DFINITY Internet Computer blockchain, we have a blockchain with gas costs comparable to costs of a usual cloud Web hosting like AWS or GCP. So, it is possible to do now.

At the time of writing this, the work is mostly on the stage of having a detailed algorithm in English. Also NacDB, a project's dependency, development is nearing to be finished. The project, as it still in the development, can't support itself and requires your donations.

Donate to Salaries Science to save the world from scientific mis-publishing.

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