Followup to: Spaced Repetition Database for A Human's Guide to Words



There's a great list of cognitive biases and fallacies on Wikipedia.  For those who wish to aid their learning with some Anki cards, I've shared a deck.  Just search "biases" in Anki.

For those who use a different program, here are the cards in a tab-separated file.

I'll soon update it to also contain the list of memory biases.

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Like nazgulnarsil, I didn't know Anki existed. Having looked at it, I realise that it is a program that works exactly the way I think, which is great!

Thank you!

i did not know anki existed so double thank you.

I use Anki, and really appreciate the decks that have been posted. Despite upvoting this post, I feel like it would be better placed in the discussion section.

Anki and spaced-repetition in general are a very effective revision system; posts that offer you a pre-made very effective revision system for better remembering LessWrong seems to me like they should on be on the main page.

I see your point, which I didn't before. I'm still not entirely swayed---a post on how to use spaced repetition well would definitely belong on the main page, but decks on specific topics seem important but not top-level to me.

The decks posted that reference a single post or sequence seem like they would best be placed in those actual posts, though that's not something someone other than the author can do. Second to that, I feel like they are better off in the comments to those posts or in the discussion section.

This deck, being independent of such a post, maybe does belong here, so I'm not sure why it seems so out of place to me.

I just realised something; not all main page posts have to be aiming for promoted to front page. It could be said that this kind of post - short, informative, object-level - is a main page but non-promoted post.

Especially if search engines index the main pages better than the discussion pages, that makes a lot of sense to me.