Meetup : Tempe, AZ (ASU)

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Discussion article for the meetup : Tempe, AZ (ASU)

WHEN: 07 March 2014 06:30:00PM (-0700)

WHERE: 300 E Orange Mall, Tempe, AZ

We are meeting at the entrance to Hayden Library at ASU. Tentative discussion topics include: wrap up How To Measure Anything; planning / meta; belated New Year's resolutions andor goals in general

Discussion article for the meetup : Tempe, AZ (ASU)

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Probably won't make it. Am feeling pretty ill today.

Ah, shoot. Finally a meet up at a time I could ordinarily attend, and it happens to be the night I have dinner reservations at SCC Culinary Arts Department dining room. They're not so easy to get, so it's not something I could easily reschedule.