My first essay for Quillette builds on "The Context is Conflict" to explore the clash between decouplers and contextualizers, why everyone is a hypocrite, who's whose outgroup, how tribalism makes smart people biased, and what the Intellectual Dark Web can learn about #OvercomingBias.

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I agree that the decoupler/contextualizer divide is important, and explains a lot of conflict that's going on.

It's worth clarifying that, while the rationality/Less Wrong community is certainly high-decoupling, and is definitely a recognizable tribe, it's not the same group as the one currently being referred to as the "intellectual dark web".

It depends on the rationalist space in question. LW isn't in the IDW given it's politics-free while the /r/slatestarcodex subreddit is inside the IDW and many of its members qualify it as such.

(It is incidentally 1. more prone to comments showing a lack of familiarity to basic rationalist/Sequences concepts, and 2. more prone to uncharitable culture-warring and casual bigotry (e.g. misgendering). I think the three may be correlated.)