John Teddy asked me to post the following info for a Less Wrong meetup he is organizing.

Where: Starbucks, Carrefour Mall, the Zhongshan Park Store, near the Zhongshan Park Station, Line 2, 3, or 4, Shanghai, China

B1&B2, No.1018, ChangNing Road, ChangNing District, Shanghai ( 长宁路1018号,   龙之梦购物中心B1-2楼   近凯旋路 )

When: 2011, April 30th at 2pm.
Contact John Teddy: 18721399070 (phone no.)
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I will be in Taipei that weekend. Anyone have a travel voucher or want to fly me in from Taiwan? :D

I think my entrance visa to China is $200 since I'm American. Any way around this?

I can't attend, but good luck from Hong Kong! AFAIK this will be the second Asian LW meetup. I was also unsure if HK had enough rationalists for a meetup, but I managed to get 3 of us LWers together, and we enjoyed an interesting chat about OpenCog and other topics... So it's worthwhile even if you can only get a few people. And of course, you have to start somewhere.

I'll be there!

Have been thinking about organizing a meetup myself but always doubted whether Shanghai had enough aspiring rationalists :)