SlateStarCodex online meetup: Integrating evolutionary psychology and behaviorism

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Dr. Diana Fleischman will talk on integrating evolutionary psychology and behaviorism.

Sunday, September 27 at 20:30 IDT, 17:30 UTC, 10:30 PDT

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Summary: All of us want to change other people's behavior to align more closely with our goals. Over the last century, behaviorists have discovered how reward and punishment change the behavior of organisms. The central idea of this talk is that we are intuitive behaviorists and that our relationships, emotions, and mental health can be better understood if you consider how we evolved to change the behavior of others.

Diana Fleischman is an evolutionary psychologist currently writing a book called "How to Train Your Boyfriend" integrating evolutionary psychology and behaviorism. Diana has published extensively on disgust, human sexuality and evolutionary psychology more broadly. Currently she lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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