Meetup : Urbana-Champaign: Discussion

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Discussion article for the meetup : Urbana-Champaign: Discussion

WHEN: 16 March 2014 11:00:00AM (-0800)

WHERE: 300 S. Goodwin Ave Apt 102 Urbana IL

WHAT: Starting topic: contrarianism. When is it justified? Related reading: This and everything linked at the beginning. WHERE: 300 S Goodwin Ave Apt 102, Urbana. The door directly to my ground-floor apartment, on which you can knock and I will hear it, is at the North-West corner of the building. Do not attempt to enter through the building's main door, because that requires keycard access, and I will not be waiting there to let you in. If you have trouble getting in, call me at REDACTED. WHEN: 2pm Sunday. ALSO: If you're interested in playing my video game, I will be publicly demoing it at Engineering Open House Friday and Saturday roughly from 9am-4pm and 9am-3pm respectively, in the Siebel building, room 1304. Cross-posted, as always, on the mailing list.

Discussion article for the meetup : Urbana-Champaign: Discussion

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