[Link] (EA Podcast) Global Optimum: How to Learn Better

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I host the podcast Global Optimum. The goal of the podcast is to make altruists more effective. The most recent episode is about how to learn more effectively. I review the psychological literature on learning techniques and discuss the interplay between scholarship and rationality.

This episode features:

-What are the best and worst studying techniques?

-Do “learning styles” exist?

-How to squeeze more learning into your day

-How to start learning a new field

-How to cultivate viewpoint diversity

-How to avoid getting parasitized by bad ideas

-Should you study in the morning or at night?

-Can napping enhance learning?

Full transcript: http://danielgambacorta.com/podcast/how-to-learn-better/

The podcast is available on all podcast apps.

Listen here: http://globaloptimum.libsyn.com/how-to-learn-better

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