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Discussion article for the meetup : Rome LessWrong Meetup

WHEN: 21 April 2012 08:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Via della Gatta, 1/a, rome, italy

Myself, along with two other LessWrongians, will be visiting Rome. I previously described setting up a meetup group in Budapest. I will be attempting the same in Rome. Do come and bring friends if you are in the area! Suggestions for a great central cafe/equivalent to host the meetup are very welcome - I will update the exact location once it is settled.

UPDATE: Caffé Doria as the meeting place.

Discussion article for the meetup : Rome LessWrong Meetup

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On the subject of Italy but sadly not of this meetup, I am in Florence and Milan for 5th to the 12th of June: the former for the first half of my trip, and the latter for the second. I hope something Italian takes off in the meantime!

Oh, so you"ve conquered it already?