Rationalism for the masses

bymarcus_gabler 1y2nd Oct 20186 comments


I think the ideas of rationalism have the potential to make our world better - or to even save it.

I see this potential largely undeveloped and currently only recognized in rather academic / intellectual circles.

I think it's more than time to bring this "wisdom" to a wider audience. Firstly online but with the final goal to have it integrated into society practically (ie. in school education) and generally (so that truth, reason and empathy become widely accepted values).

I am asking the community for assistance here.

Key challenges

  • Filtering for key concepts/ideas/issues/solutions
  • Condensing such key content
  • Simplifying language (much less academic)
  • Finding use cases (global issues as well as daily life) that users can easily identify with, to show them either how they can directly (daily life applicability) or indirectly (belief in a better future) benefit
  • Finding rather catchy / entertaining content that makes users want to stay tuned, come back and share.
  • Presenting content in an appealing manner, not minding common marketing techniques. This starts with any "Brand" for the cause itself and sub-brands of individual concepts. (For example "Epic Karma" oder "Final Good" works better than "Effective Altruism" or "Rationalist Movement".)
  • Avoiding counterproductive language / appearance. I don't think terms like "Revolution" or even "Movement" are helpful. Users should be addressed as "Curious folks" rather than "lost souls" or "average frustrated chumps"

I wonder if there are others out there who thought about this.

The thought of me being the only "messiah" to bring this to the world is much more scary than it might sound intriguing, trust me. I only want to get the stones rolling, and so far, I can't help but feeling on my own.

Any feedback appreciated.

And never forget to have fun, no matter how serious this might be.

Take care, Marcus.

PS: I learned to anticipate obstacles. One might be that I am not taken seriously because I have no publications out yet and that this post might as well be written by someone who can merely spell the word rationalizm. :-).

But then again: Enough great stuff has been theorized here. Even in the (theoretically assumed) case that I didn't have a clue about rationalist ideas and simply only knew nothing but that those are good for every single human being should be motivation enough to support me, logically.