Meetup : Canberra: Akrasia-busters!

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Discussion article for the meetup : Canberra: Akrasia-busters!

WHEN: 13 September 2014 06:00:00PM (+1000)

WHERE: 108 North Road, Acton, ACT

Alexa will give a talk about using rewards to fight akrasia. Where is it better to set up external rewards and where should we focus on intrinsic motivation? Techniques include making short-term actions feel related to long-term ones as well as actually being so, to increase motivation and reduce boredom and apathy, and using intrinsic motivation to stop worrying about whether an instrumental action will work instead of just doing it.

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Structured meetups are held on the second Saturday and fourth Friday of each month from 6 pm until late in the CSIT building, room N101 (except for this meetup, which will be held in Bruce Hall).

Discussion article for the meetup : Canberra: Akrasia-busters!

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