New SSC meetup group in Lisbon

by tamkin&popkin 1 min read11th Jul 2019No comments


After years of reading Slate Star Codex and LessWrong (more the former than the latter), I've decided to take a more active role in the so-called rationalist community by creating an account on Less Wrong and meeting people in real life for whom the Sequences have been important in their critical thinking.

The ideal way for me would be to join a SSC/LW meetup group in Lisbon, where I live, but, unfortunately, there wasn't one in Lisbon until now! So, if you live in Lisbon or you're just passing by, let's meet and have a chat about some SSC posts or any topic that relates to the rationalist community. I'm very curious to know how many people read regularly SSC or LW and how they relate that in their lives. If you're interested I'm easy to find on twitter at @m8popkin, send me a message on LessWrong or send a comment on the meetup group.