Discussion article for the meetup : Bratislava, Slovakia - the first LW meetup

WHEN: 18 August 2012 05:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Bratislava, city center

Dear Lesswrongians, we cordially invite You to the first Lesswrong meetup in Bratislava ! We just were at the Rationality minicamp in California, met Eliezer and other awesome LessWrongians (and introduced the word "awesome" into our active vocabulary :-) ), and we would finally like to meet the Lesswrong fans in our area. For questions, write in the discussion under this announcement.

We are looking forward to see You !

BarbaraB and Viliam_Bur


Edit: I removed the contact data after the meetup, because the meeting was in my home.

Edit 2: The lesswrongians in our area can still contact me at barbarabrezna@gmail.com. We will try another meetup in October.



Discussion article for the meetup : Bratislava, Slovakia - the first LW meetup

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Hi everybody ! You can come without previous notice, but some feedback who is comming will help us a lot.

Report from the meetup:

The first meetup in Slovakia had 4 participants: two organizers, one participant from Slovakia, and one from Austria. This exceeded our expectations (which were very pesimistic, but we felt it's worth trying anyway). The discussion quickly turned to the imminence of danger of AI, and then it continued by what we do and why.

Next plans:

Try another meetup after the school year begins. Some students may return to Bratislava, and generally people will spend more time at internet, so their chance of finding our announcement will be higher. Also some recruitment in Slovakia, again, after the school year begins.

It's nice to know there is at least one more LessWrongian in our town!

... And the day after the meetup I received an e-mail from yet another lesswrongian in Bratislava. So maybe we will collect a quite decent group little by little, till the next meetup in October. If anyone wants to contact me, write at barbarabrezna@gmail.com.